What is a Cloud PBX?

A PBX, or Private Branch Exchange, is an office telephone system that provides your business with telephone features like call transfer, call hold, call-park, call waiting, auto-attendant and voicemail.

A Cloud service means that we host the phone system in our facilities and you do not need to buy an expensive on-premise PBX.. It offers your organization a one-stop, fully functional, low-cost enterprise voice solution that replaces costly traditional telephone carriers and PBX vendors.

What are the benefits of using Digi Cloud PBX?

Digi Cloud PBX provides great features and easy install and management. These benefits include:

  • Easy installation – phones plug into your existing Local Area Network (LAN)
  • Easy expansion – just add phones without more PBX hardware or upgrades
  • Low capital expenditure – purchase only phones, not an expensive PBX system
  • Free moves, adds, changes or self-service – no need for a PBX expert
  • Location independence – you can use the same PBX across multiple sites
  • Telecommuting for remote workers and home offices
  • Portability- move your phones to a new office without hassle
  • Enhanced features – voicemail to email, simultaneous ring to cell phones etc.
  • One-stop service for local, long distance and PBX

Can I keep my existing  number?

Yes. FCC local number portability (LNP) regulations allow you to move your cell or landline phone number to any provider. In certain cases, you may need to provide proof of ownership by producing a phone bill with your company name and address on it.

Can I switch my toll free number? 

Yes. We can port your toll free number.

Do I have to buy the phones from Digi Cloud?

No. You can buy phones from other distributors. However, our pricing is equal or better than most internet web-sites. We recommend that you purchase phones from Digi Cloud to ensure the correct models are ordered and to guarantee timely delivery and implementation.

Can I use my existing VoIP phones?

Yes, we often switch customers from other service providers or PBX systems and re-use the existing phones, as long as they are the supported VoIP phones, i.e. Polycom, Cisco, Linksys, Aastra or Yealink.


What is the installation process?

  • Quote is signed by customer and accepted
  • Customer completes a site survey questionnaire and internet speed test
  • Customer provides a list of extensions, names, emails and auto-attendant script
  • Customer signs Letter of Agency to port numbers (can occur after install as well)
  • Digi Cloud customizes the PBX to meet customers requirements.
  • Install date and time is scheduled 
  • Digi Cloud provides admin and end-user training at customer’s convenience


Do you provide fax service?

Yes, we offer a Virtual Fax service, This service is a Cloud-Based Fax Delivery Service that lets you send and receive faxes with a Desktop Client, Email or Fax Machine

What are the contract terms?

Digi Cloud PBX contracts are month to month. You may cancel during any month. We offer an unconditional money back guarantee during the first 30 days of service and will waive all charges and refund equipment expenditures. There are no restrictions on increasing or decreasing seats and it does not extend the contract term.

Can I have a test account or a trial period?

We offer an unconditional money back guarantee during the first 30 days of service and will waive all charges and refund equipment expenditures.

What are the payment options?

We accept credit card payment or checks for all equipment purchases. Monthly recurring fees may be paid by credit card or by invoice if the customer has a good credit history.

How do I cancel my service with Digi Cloud?

Call or send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. letting us know you are cancelling or moving service to another provider. We will work to ensure a smooth transition. The full charges during the month of cancellation are payable. We do not prorate partial months on cancellation.




What kind of savings can my company expect with Cloud PBX?

Savings can be as high as 50% over your existing services. These savings are achieved by:

  • Low capital expenditure – purchase only commodity phones, not a PBX system.
  • Lower circuit costs – your voice and data can share your broadband internet connection
  • Lower monthly fees and free minutes compared to traditional telcos.
  • Lower management costs – moves, adds changes are free.


Can I use your service with my existing PBX?

Yes, Digi Cloud can add VoIP SIP trunks to your existing PBX . Our solution works with existing analog, IP and PRI systems, 

Can I get  local phone numbers in my town or city?

Yes, we provide phone numbers in all lower 48 states and toll free 8XX numbers. Certain rural areas may be unavailable. 

Will my existing phone service be interrupted during the set-up of Hosted PBX?

No interruption will occur. We first establish the CloudPBX service and then schedule a port date and time. When the port occurs, it will be transparent to you.

Do you provide E-911 emergency services?

Yes, E911 is provided with your service. VoIP phones are easily moved, so it is the customer’s responsibility to register a new 911 address by contacting our call center. Each phone with a unique telephone number may have a different 911 address. For additional terms and conditions, please read our contract.